Activities and realization 2022.

1.1 World Water Day – March 22, motto 2020: Water and climate change
—— not held, reason emergency.
1.2 International Conference “Wastewater, Municipal Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste” Time and place: March 31 – April 2, 2020, Zlatibor
—— postponed to 6 – 8 October 2020, Zlatibor
1.3 International Conference “Water Supply and Sewerage Systems”
Time and place: 26-28. May 2020, Jahorina (Pale)
—— not held, reason emergency. A new date has not been agreed.
1.4. Scientific-professional meeting XII Forum and Water Fair 18-20. November 2020. Belgrade
IWA International SAM Forum November 19
—— Activities are initiated according to plan
1.5. Central event of the 60th anniversary of the Association
—— Time and place: December 2020, Belgrade
1.6. SEEAM – GIZ continued activities on JKP and JLS trainings
—— During the state of emergency, the activities were held virtually, continuing with the standard trainings in September
1.7. RCDN – SECO / GIZ continuation of activities within the capacity development network:
Formation of various training modules, preparation of educational material, selection of trainers and participants, organization of training and specialist seminars in the field of wastewater collection and treatment.
Strengthening the organizational capacity of UTVSI, standardization of management procedures, member and client bases, communication, needs assessments, etc.
—— During the state of emergency, most of the activities were not carried out, virtual contact with the network was maintained and surveys were conducted.
1.8. D-Leap / IAWD – continuation of cooperation within DWP
trainings for WSP are possible, the UTVSI center has already been formed, there is a possibility for new programs.
1.9. DVGW – UTVSI technical rules – 38 issued so far, 7 new ones in preparation.
Continuation of work on rules and introduction of TSM (management of technical safety in water supply systems)
1.10. DWA – UTVSI technical rules – so far issued 4, continuation and update of cooperation
1.11. MGSI / WB – continuation of work on data collection, processing and reporting on Waterworks in Serbia (Performance indicators of companies dealing with water supply and sewerage of settlements)
—— It is in progress and within the set deadlines
1.12. Publishing activity – magazine Water and Sanitary Engineering 6 issues + 1 extraordinary, conference proceedings, brochure 60 years. UTVSI, technical rules DVGW and DWA.
—— Due to the state of emergency, the first double issue of the magazine is published only in June